Alex Lau - Filmmaker & Photographer

I’m Alex and I’m the producing, shooting and editing Swiss Army knife creative you’ve been looking for.
My dad wanted to be a scientist and my mom an artist, but life took them other directions.  Because of their sacrifices, I've been able to live out small pieces of their dreams, combining artistry and technical knowledge as a filmmaker.  My camera has granted my own dream of exploring the world — and the worlds of food, politics, technology, sports, culture and business.  
I’ve spent most of the last decade as director of photography, shooting unscripted projects for big brands and networks.  During the last election, I followed Secretary Hillary Clinton with a camera and filmed President Obama’s endorsement at the White House as a senior filmmaker for the Clinton campaign.  And in more recent years, I’ve been running creative productions for Ozy Media’s video and television team, which produces digital video series, multi-camera television shows, and brand marketing campaigns.
Let’s connect and make something impactful. 

2X Regional Emmy Award Nominee:  Cinematography (2017), Public Service Campaign (2019)

Past collaborations:  National Geographic, NY Times, Travel Channel, OWN, Bravo, HGTV, NFL Network, PBS, Instagram, BET, Royal Caribbean, NBA, Human Rights Campaign, IBM, Democratic Presidential Campaigns, ACLU, and the US military.