Alex Lau - Filmmaker & Photographer

I’m Alex, and I work primarily as a freelance director of photography and camera operator, but I also produce, write, and edit, so I neatly call myself a filmmaker.
I've been fortunate enough to shoot in some incredible places, and these experiences have given me a dynamic professional balance: 

Young & Experienced 
I’m a millennial who has shot on five continents, filmed with President Obama in the White House, cliff-jumped with cameras in Ireland, operated livestreams with millions watching online, and filmed underwater with whale sharks in Africa.
I’ve also directed photography for a number of television shows and was a senior filmmaker on the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign.  But if you want to make something no one has ever done before, let’s figure it out and make it happen.

Creative & Technical
I thought I was going to be an engineer, but I wanted a life that was always in motion, where the challenges were always changing, and I really found that in filmmaking.  I think it requires one of the purest blends of technical and creative skills in any profession, and attaining both is not easy.  Understanding how a camera will react in low light situations and then knowing how to use it to enhance visual storytelling are not always an easy pair of mindsets to combine.   

Leader & Team-Player 
Being a freelancer means that you are someone’s boss for one project and then part of their team for the next.  After moving from project to project, team to team, I quickly learned both the value of personal accountability and the joy in leading a team.
So let’s connect and make something impactful. 

Past collaborations:  National Geographic, Travel Channel, NY Times, HGTV, Bravo, NFL Network, PBS, Instagram, BET, Royal Caribbean, NBA, Fusion Network, IBM, Clinton Presidential Campaign, ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, and the US military.