Cinematography and Editing Reel
Recent Work
The Lupe Tovar Story - Human Rights Campaign (Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor - regional Emmy nominee)
Black Women OWN the Conversation - Oprah Winfrey Network (Director of Photography - national Emmy winner)
Cansei De Ser Gato - Instagram for Business (Cinematographer)
Emerald Coast Gulf to Table Movement (Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor - regional Emmy nominee for best cinematography)
Top 10 Locals' List: Northern Ireland - Travel Channel (Cinematographer)
Top 10 Locals' List: Charleston - Travel Channel (Cinematographer)
Trump Victims: Andrew Tesoro - Clinton Campaign (Cinematographer)
Royal Caribbean Adventure - Awesomeness TV (Cinematographer, Editor)

Inclusive IBM - IBM (Producer, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor)